The Western Atlantic Pro Surf Series is a surfing contest series that takes place annually on the East Coast of the United States and the Caribbean Islands.  The series utilizes long-time running, established events which are proven within the surfing contest industry to ensure success for all involved.

The purpose and mission of the Western Atlantic Pro Surf Series is to give these Pro athletes a tour of events in which they can showcase their talent, gain exposure, and bridge the gap between the top amateur levels and the ASP sanctioned World Qualifying Series and World Tour as well as giving them the opportunity to earn money along the way.

The 2011 Series will include a minimum of 4 events on the East Coast of the US, and 1 event in Trinidad. The events at this time consist of, but are not limited to, The Kona Pro in New Smyrna Beach Fl, The East Coast Surfing Championships in Virginia Beach Va, the Belmar Pro in New Jersey, The Makka Pro in Jamaica, The OBX Pro in The Outer Banks NC and the Grand Finally, The Jupiter Fall Classic in Jupiter FL.  Other possible venues are being negotiated in New York, Trinidad, Jacksonville Beach FL. and Barbados.


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