Nils Schweizer
2012 WAPSS Champion

PlaceNameSoup BowlKona Pro NSBTand TMakkaBelmarOBXKona Pro JaxJupiterTotal
1Nils Schweizer200065690072911805465
2Jesse Hielman13129001000100011805392
3Evan Thompson180090081018005310
4Asher Nolan900145843065614584902
5Blake Jones656106265659016204584
6Jeremy Johnston86090065620004416
7Jensen Callaway95681043065613124164
8Nathan Behl656106259147811803967
9Bruce Mackie7297746567299563844
10Chris Tucker77428253153116203738
11Chris Duff5648106567297743533
12Michael Dunphy53110008109003241
13Icah Wilmot4307746565326963088
14Aaron Cormican131210004782790
15Giorgio Gomez86047811802518

WAPSS & JSA 2012 Makka Pro
Jesse Hielman



WAPSS 2012
Caribbean Surfing Champion
Bruce Mackie

Congrats to Francisco Bellorin, Jesse Heilman and everyone who took place in the Largest Pro Surf Event in Trinidad

ESM Awards the Western Atlantic Pro Surf Series the
after the Kona Pro in New Smyrna Beach Fl.

THE PAIN: Since this year’s Kona Pro was a relatively low-key event with a minimal amount of pain to go around, we’re gonna award this one to the Western Atlantic Pro Surf Series as a whole. Mike Bloom’s baby continues to more than stoke out East Coast competitors, who turned out in droves from New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and the Caribbean to take part in the opening mainland salvo on this year’s pro tour, still the only one of its kind on the East Coast. And that doesn’t even include the handful of Californians who entered since they were in town for the ASP 1-Star DNA Energy Pro Junior. But major surf company sponsorship remains slim to none for the WAPSS, and Bloom said he’s beginning to think about looking outside the industry to give his otherwise-thriving organization a big financial boost. “At this point I’d be happy to let an outside company capitalize on what we’re doing,” Bloom said. “Why not somebody like Schick or Gillette?” Laughing, he added, “Everyone here shaves!” Bloom also hinted that he’s hoping to extend junior and men’s events running in tandem to further WAPSS stops, aiming to build an East Coast Pro Junior tour alongside his original creation. Of course, that’s gonna take sponsorship money as well — any takers out there? “The older kids entered in the Pro Junior get a lot out of surfing against the men,” Bloom said, “and the younger kids get a chance to surf an event with solid criteria that always remains the same: ASP judging and computer scoring. That benefits everybody.”

The Western Atlantic Pro Surf Series thanks all the following companies for their contiuous support of East Coast Competative Surfing. Click on the logos below get more info on their products.

Kulcha Shok Muzik


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